Zajian’s popular range ... the Lava Tile and the Glass Magic.

Having secured a number of prestigious projects over the past year, China-based Chengdu Zaijian Decorating Materials Company is eyeing a greater share of the Middle East markets for its innovative range of Miracle Lava, Glass Magic and Lava Tile mosaic tiles.

These products are marketed under the Zaijian Mosaic brand.
“We specialise in a wide range of European and American-style marble mosaic, high-quality art glass mosaic, luxury metal mosaic and different kinds of natural stone material which are suited for a wide range of high-quality interior decorating purposes for residential and commercial uses,” says Morpheus Chen, spokesperson for the company, which ranks among the largest mosaic suppliers in the world.
Following the success of the Metal-Marble-Medallion, the Euro-American-style marble mosaic medallion tiles, the company recently launched high-end Miracle Lava, Glass Magic and Lava Tiles, which are said to complete its interior décor range.
The Miracle Lava tiles – which are natural roughcast stone mosaic tiles with a special texture and striking colours – provide benefits including sound absorption, heat insulation, low radiation and resistance to extreme weather, he says.
“During the firing and glazing process, special textures such as skin vein, rock and bark finishes are created on the surface of the material, which under bright light can have a multicolour iridescent effect,” Chen says.
Suited for a wide range of top-quality interior decorating purposes for residential and commercial uses, Miracle Lava mosaic tiles have already found markets in the UAE, Italy and the US.
“The innovative Miracle Lava tiles proved to be a big draw among fabricators and businessmen at the Big 5 show in Dubai last year,” he points out. “At the show, we also displayed Lava Tile and Lava stone mosaic, as well as a medallion of Palm Tree Island project, for which we are one of the suppliers.”
Turning to Glass Magic, Chen says: “Zaijian Mosaic’s new line of glass mosaic known as Glass Magic comprises three design characteristics that make it an extremely popular choice in the interior decorating field. Firstly, it offers one of the widest varieties of shapes, colours and combination choices in glass mosaic in the markets today. Secondly, Glass Magic is a complete and mature product line with more than hundreds of basic designs as well as customised designs. Its third characteristic is its ability to complement other concepts as it is possible to combine the new glass mosaic with lava stone and marble mosaic and lava tiles in floorings and walls in interior decorating.
“The Lava Tile, offered in a variety of 20 colours, is based on the natural lava stone and is available in four sizes – 10 cm by 10 cm, 15 cm by 15 cm, 30 cm by 30 cm and 30cm by 60 cm. We see the Lava Tile replacing ceramic tiles as the new decorating trend. The variety and uniqueness of colours and the unusual texture of the lava stone makes the tile more vivid and eye-catching,” adds Chen.
Zaijian Mosaic has an extensive project portfolio that spans the globe. In the Gulf, its mosaic tiles have been used in the UAE at the Emirates Tower hotel in Dubai, Dubai National Bank and Dubai Palm Island project as well as in a ladies salon in Riyadh and a minister’s villa in Saudi Arabia. Elsewhere, the company’s major projects include the Inter-Continental Hotel in Chicago, Art Street in Houston, and Donald Trump’s casino in Atlantic City, all in the US; Disneyland, Siguma Sports Centre and La Boheme Minato-Ku in Japan; Beijing Holiday Inn and Chengdu Jinjiang Hotel in China, the lobby of luxury pleasure-boat in Switzerland and the Ireland Dublin Night Club.
Established in 1993 in Chengdu (Sichuan) China, the company currently owns 16 mosaic factories staffed with more than 1,600 artisans. Its mosaic products have been exported to more than 75 countries and it has more than 200 distributors around the world.