''It provides an attractive modular ceiling solution, designed in particular for hi-tech office developments where there is a demand for good acoustic integrity coupled with provision for optimum access to the roof void,'' says company spokesman Mike Harris.

He continues: ''By virtue of its tile pivot-and-slide method of opening, the new system gives easy routine maintenance accessibility. There is no requirement for special tools and, because the tiles remain suspended, the risk of damage or soiling caused by complete removal is avoided. Access is further enhanced by a rigid extruded gridwork system that is capable of carrying ceiling tile modules of up to 2,000 mm in length. The Burgess tiles have specially-engineered side flanges to locate easily back into the grid.

''To create even greater access to void-located services, a patented 'twist-out' system permits cross noggins to be easily removed, allowing partial demounting of the ceiling suspension system. The grid system can also be offered with a continuous M6 thread detail for easy integration with most partition systems.''

''The new Burgess pivot tegular ceiling system uses perforated zintec steel tiles incorporating acoustic inserts that give a high performance in both sound absorption and sound attenuation,'' he adds.