General Ceramics, a pioneer manufacturer in the Gulf region, was established in 1978 in the UAE with the aim of serving the local industry with quality sanitary ware.

''Today, General Ceramics represents a competitive force in the UAE sanitary ware sector and has been, since its foundation, a dependable supplier and reliable partner for prestigious government, commercial and residential projects,'' says Jean Lelievre, sales and marketing manager of the company, which has its offices and factory located in Sharjah.

He continues: ''General Ceramics is an environmentally-conscious firm, and it plays its role in supporting the market by continuously assisting designers enhance their water conservation awareness, as toilets, bidets, faucets and showerheads account for the largest indoor use of water in homes and residential buildings.

''To this end, General Ceramics further supported the local building industry by launching, in early 1998, a line of new-generation, economical six-litre toilets, which use only 1.6 gallons per flush, thus offering valuable savings over conventional 7.5 or 9-litre models.

The toilets are purpose-designed for the company's Caicos, Europlus and Onda line of bathroom suites, that are well distinguished by their attractive shapes and excellent quality-to-price ratio, he says.

''Further experience and interaction with the market led General Ceramics to launch its latest model last year, called Antigua, which offers a striking combination of beauty and high technology, with its perfect fittings and fresh new shape.''

The Antigua line is targeted at the higher end of the market and the more discerning consumer, he says.

In the final analysis, General Ceramics' success stems from its commitment to total customer satisfaction, according to Lelievre. ''A constant drive to update our design and production methods and an intense quest for excellence and efficiency in every department, has culminated in a strategy that has enabled the company achieve its philosophy of delivering undisputed quality at competitive prices, along with efficient and speedy order processing and professional service,'' he says.

''General Ceramics believes in a no-nonsense approach and as a true professional organisation, will offer suitable solutions to any query,'' Lelievre says. "And with its refreshing new identity and logo, General Ceramics has now turned the page to a new chapter in its history, and is well geared to meet the challenges of the e-century.