HEWI of the UK recently launched a new collection of door furniture targeted at the contract furnishing sector.

''The new Range 130 combines clean lines and a high level of versatility,'' says spokesman Julie Batters. ''It offers architects, interior designers and planners a sophisticated selection that can be used to equip offices and commercial premises as well as private residences.

She continues: ''Included in the range are window handles, door knobs and pull handles as well as door latches. Colour is a very important feature of the design, with three schemes on offer: basic, neutral and pastel. They are intended to enhance the interplay of colours in a room without being overpowering and allow a high level of design freedom.

''Suitable for use in any area of a building - from receptions to office areas - the elements blend in with the design of various internal areas.

''There are two shapes of door latches, suitable for different applications and specific design intentions, each ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable operation.

''High-quality nylon is used as the finish for the fittings, giving them a distinctive character, while a steel core ensures stability and durability.

''Fittings have been designed for use on different bases, with a special latch variant for framed and braced doors.

''Ease of installation is a further feature. The new spring-pin technology of the latches, which merely requires perforated handle elements without a set screw, simplifies installation while reducing the number of system variations.

''The mounting sleeve is made from surface-hardened, corrosion-proofed steel, the special thread of which ensures a secure grip.

HEWI also offers nylon-coated handrails, which are said to be hygienic, durable, aesthetic and pleasant to the touch.

''The nylon option is available in diameters of 33 mm and 40 mm, with mounting elements including straight supports, 90-degree elbow supports or 60-degree angled supports,'' says Batters. ''The end of the handrail can project parallel to the wall or can be returned to the wall. And for a more natural look, there is a timber finish available: high grade beech is used in the construction of the 40-mm-diameter handrails, which is polished with a transparent protective surface coating.

''Supports and bends are in coloured nylon, bringing an interesting design element to the total finished look of the installation. Complementary wall protection panels are also available. When fitted with the handrail, they form one harmonious installation, with supports designed in such a way that the panels can be fitted at the same time or at a later stage to the handrail.

''Balustrading is a further design option from this package. Clear, geometric shapes of the components correspond to the company's product range, with 19 carefully-selected colours bringing a wide design choice to the architect.

''Four basic types are available, all pre-assembled in the factory to ensure a high quality finish to the installation.''

Another HEWI collection which had been given more colour is its 477 sanitary range, which features designs based on classical forms.

''New colours offer a wide range of co-ordinating combinations, and widen the design freedom for architects and specifiers,'' says Batters. ''Differentiated colour concepts are essential in professional interior design, and the basic, neutral and pastel colours in this collection meet those design needs.

More than 30 products make up the collection, which is primarily aimed at commercial and industrial applications, but can also be used in domestic projects. They include a corner shelf, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, toilet brush unit, toilet roll holder, waste bin, hooks and door symbols.

''Transparency is an integral part of the range, giving light a starring role in design,'' explains Batters. ''Features of this range include an impressive mix of materials. Glass and translucent plastic show off their strengths, set off by high-quality nylon and introduce transparency into the room.''

''Apart from design, care has been taken to ensure that each part of the collection meets more than the demands expected of it. Smooth, robust surfaces make cleaning and maintenance easy, and while they have been designed for straightforward installation, they are strong enough to resist theft once fitted,'' she adds.