FRENCH interiors specialist JCT says it is an ambassador to the art of design, having conceived and executed several creative interiors for palaces, corporate offices, luxury hotels and even pleasure yachts throughout the world, including the Middle East.

And as the company spreads its wings after two decades of service, one of its goals is to bring the joys of well-designed interiors to a wider clientele.

''JCT is an interior design company based in France since 1979, and an expert in conception and realisation of corporate and private projects, such as head offices, luxury hotels, palaces and residences,'' says Christophe Heuze, the company's Middle East manager who is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. ''We have been working for 20 years in the Middle East, mainly in the Kingdom and Egypt.''

High-profile projects executed by JCT in Saudi Arabia include the University of Riyadh, the New Zealand Embassy, the Akram Amin Jawa luxury boutique, the Al Khozama Hotel and Centre, M&M offices (all in Riyadh), Tamer Company's head office, the Albilad Hotel (both in Jeddah), as well as several Royal palaces, villas and private apartments.

Detailing the history of the company, Heuze says: ''JCT, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, was founded by Jean-Claude Teneze, who was previously the general manager of Jansen, a leading French interior design specialist which boasted prestigious clients all over the world, such as Jacqueline Kennedy and the Shah of Iran.

''Teneze has a passion for creative design, and his focus was to market the best of French luxury to discerning clients overseas, while conforming to the rules of his art, and he gathered a talented team to achieve this objective. Today, his dreams have been realised. JCT's projects in Europe, in the US and in the Middle East have, without exception, won the company high praise and satisfied customers.''

''JCT,'' says Heuze, ''now aims to earn the same reputation in other markets. We also aim to convince people that decorative and architectural excellence need not be limited to the rich and famous. There is no home that is too small for good interior design and anyone who has a good taste should afford the creative and technical advice of an interior designer.''

Our job, and our passion, is to design the most creative architectural projects throughout the world. We are the ambassadors to the art de vivre, providing comfort, functionalism, aesthetics and unique styles to an interior.

From consultation to completion of a project JCT's scope of work covers interior architecture and design, space planning, installation monitoring, antiques and decorative purchases and furnishing.

The company has designed interiors for private residences, hotels, boutiques, offices, malls, historic buildings, restaurants and pleasure and cruise boats.