China-based Zaijian Mosaic, among the largest mosaic suppliers in the world and now a popular brand in the Gulf, is eyeing a greater share of the regional markets with its latest innovative product offering known as Tropical Life, which is a ‘coconut mosaic’.

The product was launched by the company last year in line with its goal of being a trendsetter in the industry.
Natural coconut shell has been used in combination with marble mosaic for manufacturing this tile series, in an attempt to combine the spirit of simple tropical life with contemporary design trends in mosaic tiles for urban homes and offices. Also available as medallions, the tiles have an enhanced appeal thanks to the raw texture of the coconut precisely cut into medallions and bordered with traditional stone,
“The coconut mosaic used to produce these tiles helps to accentuate a feeling of simple and pure tropical life within modern building interiors. With a textured surface that alternates brown and white colours and the sophisticated surface finish of every single chip, these mosaic tiles create an ambiance of pure nature within a closed room. Close your eyes and you can smell the nature, walk bare feet and you can sense the nature,” says Morpheus Chen, a spokesperson for the company.
Established in 1993 in Chengdu (Sichuan) China, Zaijian specialises in a wide range of European and American-style marble mosaic, high-quality art glass mosaic, luxury metal mosaic and different kinds of natural stone material. Its mosaic products are exported to more than 75 countries and the company has more than 200 distributors around the world.
“Zaijian Mosaic has gained a reputation worldwide for its outstanding quality and committed services as well as its innovative mosaic concepts and trend-setting ideas,” Chen adds.
Zaijian Mosaic has an extensive project portfolio that spans the globe. In the Gulf, its mosaic tiles have been used in the UAE at the Emirates Tower hotel in Dubai, Dubai National Bank and Palm Island project; and in a ladies salon in Riyadh and a minister’s villa in Saudi Arabia. Elsewhere, the company’s major projects include the InterContinental Hotel in Chicago, Art Street in Houston, and Donald Trump’s casino in Atlantic City, all in the US; Disneyland, Siguma Sports Centre and La Boheme Minato-Ku in Japan; Beijing Holiday Inn and Chengdu Jinjiang Hotel in China, the lobby of luxury pleasure-boat in Switzerland and the Ireland Dublin Night Club.