Dyrup’s new product ... innovative.

Riyadh-based United Industrial Investments Company (Univest), formed following the merger of Sipco with Dyrup Paints some two years ago, recently held its second annual dealer convention.

The convention witnessed the launch of a new range of decorative coatings under the Dyrup brand, which commemorated 30 years of operations in the Saudi paints market.
The new line, known as Impressions, marks Dyrup’s first venture into decorative special-effect paints. It will initially be introduced to the building industry in Riyadh – which accounts for around 40 per cent of Dyrup's total business – and then gradually through authorised distributors outlets to other key cities across Saudi Arabia.
“Special effect products are a niche market where our company needs to carve a name for itself,” says Ramzy Hafez, brand marketing manager of Univest.
“This new launch is an aggressive move by our company to boost our market share through innovation as well as to reinforce the Dyrup brand name across the kingdom. We are looking at adding value to our existing products. In addition, we plan to introduce new value-added products and packaging. With this launch, we also intend to convey the message that Dyrup with its rich heritage, is now coming back with full vigor to offer a range of products that anticipate market trends,” he emphasises.
“The new range will offer our top distributors and retailers a non-conventional product, which will enable them to improve their profit margins,” he adds.
“The technology for this innovative range originates from an Italian company, which is one of the largest manufacturers of decorative and special-effect paints in Europe. Used mainly in building interiors, this range differs from conventional paints by its appearance and antique designs that are created by experienced painters using innovative application tools. The special effects are created by the application of one or many colours, comprising a solid base coat covered with a translucent to semi-opaque top coat that creates a multi-coloured or textured effect,” he explains.
Highlighting some of its attributes, Hafez says: “Impressions is considered to be a top-quality product that will satisfy the needs of both the low as well as high-end market segments. In addition to its aesthetic properties, Impressions is fire retardant and washable. Being water borne, it is quick to dry, odourless and easy to apply. It offers an extended working time of three to four hours, which enables the applicator or the designer to create the desired effect. It is also tintable, allowing the customer to choose his preferred colour tone.
“These properties make it ideal for interior décor applications and can be applied on a variety of substrates such as plaster, concrete, blockwork, wood metal and gypsum board in commercial and public buildings such as offices, hotels, mosques and hospitals, where a fast turnaround with minimal disruption is required.”
Panels showcasing the effects that can be created with these paints were displayed at the convention and according Hafez, the dealers present were full of admiration for the product and showed their keenness to promote the new range.
As part of its drive towards greater innovation and brand-awareness, Univest’s current strategy is to periodically introduce three to four select special-effect paint products, while focusing on training painters on application methods, which is vital to ensure the success of these types of products. This training will help the applicators to update themselves on the latest trends in the international markets, he says.
Dyrup has also launched an aggressive above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) advertising campaign, which will be supported by press campaigns, LED panels, colour-cards, brochures and other point-of-sale promotional materials for its target group of applicators, contractors and building owners.
Dyrup is considered one of the major brands of high-quality decorative and industrial paints in Saudi Arabia. With more than three decades of outstanding performance behind it, Dyrup continues to witness rising regional demand for its world-class paint products and thanks to its ongoing investments in technology and research, the brand continues to meet the latest market requirements.
Univest operates kingdomwide through its head office and factory located in Riyadh's Third Industrial Zone and branch offices and distribution warehouses in Jeddah, Dammam, Buraidah and Khamis Mushayt.