Cascade ... newly launched.

Sharjah-based distributor Universal Biometric has recently unveiled an innovative new waterfall concept produced by Harmonic Environments Waterfalls, a US-based designer of indoor water features.

Known as the Harmonic Cascade, the new water feature uses reflected light to create a luminous effect and can be specified as a seamless panel in almost any size and shape. The innovation is the latest addition to Harmonic Environments’ Translucence Series of waterfalls.
“The company currently offers water feature designs of every conceivable size and shape for private residences, healthcare institutions, hotels, offices and spas,” says Faisal Farooq, CEO of Universal Biometric.
Harmonic Environments systems are both beautiful and beneficial to their surroundings, as they improve air quality, eliminate harsh ambient noise, reduce stress, and promote productivity, he adds. 
“All of its products are meticulously engineered to eliminate splashing, conceal pump sounds, and minimise consumer maintenance and are extremely popular,” he says.
The company has recently expanded the choices it offers by developing a new product line using a variety of sustainable materials and a proprietary water purification system known as Zone Pure. This is a pure water purification system without any harsh chemicals, which deters microbiological growth and reduces maintenance, he explains. The ionic charge of water attracts dust and airborne pollutants, thus ensuring that the water feature also plays a role in cleansing the surrounding air of impurities and humidifying it, and creating a healthier, more comfortable environment.
Harmonic Environments has pioneered the design and construction of customised interior waterfalls made to precise aesthetic and performance specifications since 1987. Its high-quality, customised, indoor waterfalls with sleek and elegant splash-free designs with guaranteed workmanship are popular among architects and interior designers around the world. Each waterfall is custom crafted from the finest materials and fabricated to the exact specifications of the client. These waterfalls can be fabricated from a wide range of materials, shapes, textures, and include light, sound and colours.
Its product portfolio comprises the Translucence series, Harmonic Cascades, Waterplace, Harmonic panels and associated components. Universal Biometric is the distributor of Harmonic Environments in the GCC countries, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt.