The Amouage range ... extensive choice of coloured effects.

Sigma Paints is poised to make waves throughout the regional market. 

The Dammam-based paints and coatings major will this month launch its unique and  innovative concept for interior decoration, named ‘Amouage’ – which in Arabic means ‘waves’.
This highly decorative finish comprises a range of 12 designs, each design drawing its inspiration from natural gemstones such as topaz, coral, pearls, aquamarine, amber and moonstone in combination with the precious metals of gold, silver and bronze
“This particular concept of decoration is unique in Saudi Arabia. The name ‘Amouage’ is of French origin and is reflective of the opulent decoration found in the interiors of French palaces and has been developed and adapted specifically for the Gulf region,” says Steven Rijkaard, Sigma’s brand manager for the Middle East.
“These rich colours lend opulence to any interiors, transforming even the smaller villas into mini-palaces. A plain, ordinary room can be transformed into a dynamic and impressive environment, thanks to the individual emotions and the feeling of luxury that this product can invoke. For example, Alzabrjad (aquamarine) is a combination of green olive and shiny gold while Hajar Altopaz (Topaz) offers relaxing comfort in royal blue which is interspersed with pure silver shadows and Aqeeq Alnar (Agate) blends golden light brown with bronze desert sand,” he adds.
Opulence and splendour
The varying finishes created by these contrasting combinations convey a feeling of both luxury and grandeur, enabling homeowners to express their own personal emotions and to create an ambiance in tune with the particular room setting and to their individual preferences.
“The concept has been developed by drawing on our extensive international resources as part of Sigma/PPG Industries’ group of companies,” he explains.  “We have looked at the innovative products being developed by the mother company’s decorative R&D (research and development) departments in Europe and inspired by them, we have created Sigmulto Amouage, which is an inspiring new concept catering specifically to the glamorous taste and requirements of the Gulf market.”

Resins with pearlescent pigments
Sigmulto Amouage, which will be introduced initially in the Saudi market, is designed to be applied in conjunction with Sigmulto Pharos. This premium product is based on high-quality waterborne synthetic resins with pearlescent metallic pigments, says Mike Murphy, DTS manager at Sigma Paints.
The system comprises a series of standard Sigma preparatory and foundation products followed by a single coat of Sigmulto Amouage. All products within the system are applied by spatula or trowel. The product has been developed to be quick drying, being touch dry after only 30 minutes. This is a positive advantage in preserving the integrity and lustre of the finish, he says, adding that a protective wax may also be applied after two hours to provide additional water repellence, should this be required.
“The luxurious finish is timeless being both modern and classical. It captures and reflects light in ways that can be mesmerising as it transforms into glittering variations of colour and light when viewed from different angles. The finish can be applied to all internal cement-based substrates, ceilings and walls, being particularly suited as a finish for columns, pillars and to give emphasis to architectural features and recessed areas. The finish itself is deceptively easy to achieve. It is non-toxic, low in odour and is tolerant to washing when waxed, making it suitable for all internal rooms,” he adds.
Since Amouage colours reflect luxury, they can be used as a dominant element in the interior space, for example, for one wall in a room, columns, partitions, ceilings and wall openings or for an entire area, where the criteria to be considered include space size and function and the lighting, Murphy points out.

Ageless beauty
“What makes this concept so special is the wave and motion effect uniquely created by our precious stone and metallic colours combinations. The individual walls or features of a room can appear ever-changing when viewed from different angles due to the varying reflection of light,” Rijkaard comments.
In order to ensure that this uniquely beautiful product provides its customers with the stated features, Sigma Paints will offer free applicator training on the product and apt system build-up.

Sigma’s innovations
Sigma Paints is one of the leading multinational paint manufacturers in the Middle East market and has traditionally been considered a decorative coatings specialist in Saudi Arabia. To stay ahead in the market, Sigma is focusing on innovation and quality solutions while at all times anticipating customer needs. Towards this end, the company has recently introduced a number of new products including Sigmacryl Premium ABF, an innovative anti-bacterial and fungicidal coating and Sigmaflex Premium, which has been developed to provide protection and decoration to exterior concrete and cement-based substrates, which are at risk from surface cracking and concrete carbonation.
According to Rijkaard, the launch of Amouage reinforces Sigma’s commitment to innovation and dedication to people.
“Sigma’s experience goes back to 1722; hence it has acquired pretty extensive understanding of what is required of any specific product in any environment around the globe. For three centuries Sigma has formulated paint systems for the purpose of durable protection and beautification of the environment,” he adds.
Sigma/PPG has more than 190 factories worldwide, as well as shares in affiliated companies, employing around 55,000 people in more than 60 different countries.
“Sigma has stood the ultimate test of time and dedication, and consequently is Number Two in the world in terms of size and Number One in innovation. With Sigmulto Amouage, Sigma is once again riding the crest of innovative waves and offering a cutting edge to its Middle Eastern appreciative clients,” he concludes.