AS a safety partner to organisations, which operate in high-risk industries, we often hear of the challenges that our customers experience when called upon to demonstrate regulatory and corporate compliance of their employees.

With training certificates often stored across a number of systems and with multiple and differing training matrices located on spreadsheets, accessing the data they need, when they need it, can be both laborious and costly.

Luckily there has been a push across the sector towards greater operational efficiency and transparency, which has resulted in a focus on gathering data and storing it in a central system for easy access and reporting.

A digital tool can help to standardise, store, and categorise employee training data and certification, and can provide a collective overview of all employees, both permanent and temporary, across multiple locations.

In line with the overarching trends in digital transformation and as companies are becoming more data-driven, a digital compliance tool for certificate management will become increasingly important for companies operating in safety critical industries.

To combat the challenges our customers face, RelyOn Nutec has developed its Rider software application, an integrated and modular system, which stores and tracks workforce compliance, competence and training requirements, supporting customers to make improvements in operational efficiency, reductions in administration time, and ultimately to deliver cost savings.

The system has a dynamic matrix set-up which allows organisations to ‘group’ together specific requirements into multiple integrated matrices, for example, by asset, onshore/offshore employees, pre and post-mobilisation, etc.

The application allows administrators to assign employees to multiple groups if, for example, an individual works across different assets, or if they fulfil a secondary role, such as emergency responder or first aider.

This functionality allows workforce development teams to quickly track overall organisational compliance, and to manage individual and/or group certification requirements.

It is an effective tool for planning staff development, career progression, and internal transfers, allowing management to identify personnel within their organisation who have the right skills and accreditations for future roles and delivering clear visibility of training gap analysis.

With an employee portal accessible through individual log-ins, employees are able to view and track their own compliance. This encourages personnel to engage with, and take ownership of, their individual training requirements and to manage their compliance towards future promotion prospects or project-specific requirements.

They are further supported with their training requirements through system notifications advising of upcoming certification expiry dates.

Certificate upload and storage functionality ensures that workforce compliance is transparent, stored in one central location and easily accessible. In addition to reducing administration time, this supports customers to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies and to demonstrate compliance to potential clients as part of the tender process.

The system has sophisticated and fully customisable KPI reporting functionality which provides real-time access to all training data stored within the system for tracking, reporting and analytic purposes.

Skills gap analysis, upcoming certification expiration dates, and no show/cancellation reporting allow organisations to efficiently manage training, and to drive higher compliance levels with a lower headcount.

Multi-level financial reporting tracks cumulative training costs and forecasts future spend, giving management better control of the training budget while maintaining employee compliance.

Most importantly the system is flexible and has the ability to evolve with an organisation allowing for faster adaptation as the company’s needs change and delivering continuous support throughout the employee lifecycle.

With the ability to integrate with third party IT and HR systems, Rider forms the digital backbone of a training and compliance system, capable of retrieving, analysing and presenting compliance and training data, while taking the burden off HR, training and administration teams.

With this application, RelyOn Nutec has provided a cost-effective compliance tool, which supports our customers’ digitisation strategy, streamlines processes and drives business efficiencies by reducing manual administration time.

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