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York VRF system in the spotlight

July 2017

Saudi Arabia-based Al Salem Johnson Controls recently showcased its expertise in York variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems at a seminar conducted in Riyadh.

The company’s latest VRF technologies meet the cooling needs posed by the kingdom’s harsh climate and help save energy consumption, especially since air-conditioning and cooling systems have the highest energy consumption rate in the residential sector and among small projects.

In its presentation, the company showed its latest energy-efficient technologies, as well as complete solutions for smart buildings and VRF systems. It also discussed the market’s need for such technology and their importance and reliability, for providing and ensuring sustainable energy. In addition, comparing  traditional constant flow with variable flow systems, the company stressed that the latter is able to reduce the yearly energy consumption by 17 per cent.

Al Salem Johnson Controls provides the VRF system technology by York which meets the highest efficiency requirements, without sacrificing comfort and quality of the systems’ performance. Each unit is designed to operate quietly, and has been fitted with remote controls both wired and wireless.

Dr Mohanad Al Shaikh, CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls, said: “We launched our VRF systems in 1979, and our products have outshined others with their high reliability, innovative technology, efficiency and quality. Because of our commitment to present the best products over the past years, we have succeeded in securing a leading role for our VRF systems in many major projects across both commercial and residential.”

“The most notable of these are the expansion of the holy mosque of Makkah’s ‘Mataf’, the luxurious Farsi 7 Towers, and the Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Al Madinah. We also distinguish ourselves by providing the most productive and complete solutions for saving energy; as well as after-sales services where we have the biggest aftermarket team in the Middle East and a training centre for constant development,” he added.

The unique selling points of Al Salem Johnson Controls’ York VRF systems are their high efficiency and cooling capabilities in climates that can reach up to 54 deg C, multiple speed fans, and their use of the R410A environment-friendly refrigerant.

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