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November 2017

UP enters Abu Dhabi market

Union Properties has announced plans to develop its first housing project in Abu Dhabi – the Al Dhafra Beach.

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, the Al Dhafra Beach will be a multi-use residential development comprising a luxury five-star beach resort surrounded by villas and residential buildings, as well as health, education and entertainment facilities, and a water canal from the Arabian Gulf running through it, said Union Properties.

Spread over a 3-million-sq-m area, the project also includes open spaces allocated for parks and other green spaces and its own shopping centre, it stated.

 Through the project, Union Properties aims to create a unique residential and tourism destination in Abu Dhabi, which will attract visitors from around the country and the region, remarked Naser Butti Omair bin Yousef, the chairman of Union Properties.


Dewa to install solar carports

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has launched a new project under its Shams Dubai initiative for the installation of solar carports at its headquarters, and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment building.

Dewa is currently working on this project, which aims to generate electricity, using photovoltaic (PV) panels, connected to Dewa’s network, in the parking lots at the two sites, with a total of 902 parking spaces.

The Dewa parking lot will have a capacity of 1,780 kW, and in the ministry building with 220 kW, with a total of approximately 2,000 kW in both locations, generating a total of 2,750 MWp, equivalent to reducing about 1,500 tons of carbon emissions annually, it stated.


Schiavello opens new showroom

Schiavello, a leading furniture manufacturer, has bolstered its presence in the region with a new showroom in central Dubai.

The showroom is located in the new Dubai Design District (d3), near Downtown Dubai. The d3 is the purpose-built centre of the design community in Dubai, enabling the showroom to share its location with all the major design and architect practices in the Middles East, the company said.

Dedicated to developing intelligent, inspiring and resilient solutions for the office, the home and public spaces, Schiavello has developed a full range of world class flexible furniture solutions, it said.

Working with Australian and international designers, the collection on display showcases Schiavello’s approach to enhancing collaboration, concentration and health in the workplace and living spaces.  

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