Sultan Haitham City ... a mega project.

Oman’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning floated three service tenders for the first phase of the Sultan Haitham City project (2024-2030).

The tenders relate to the construction of streets, service roads, culverts and pavements. They also cover the establishment of networks for electricity, water and wastewater services, in addition to broadband, communication and cooling networks and three electrical substations, reported Oman News Agency.

The first tender is for the construction of 31 culverts, an 8-km section of roads, 7 km of side roads, a 30-km bicycle lane and 30-km pedestrian walks, in addition to traffic signals, traffic signboards and street lights.  The entire project work will be completed within 24 months.

The second tender provides for the implementation of electricity, water, irrigation, drainage, sewage, broadband and cooling networks. 

The third tender is the construction of three 11/33 kV electrical substations to cover an area of 7,500 sq m.