Genie’s TraX ... “the only track system in the industry that can be fitted to high-capacity machines”.

Genie, a leading name in the aerials industry, says its next-generation TraX system has been redesigned to simplify maintenance while delivering the same “no compromises” performance customers have experienced from the market-leading four-point track system.

Genie TraX is available as a factory-installed option on four popular boom lifts – two with standard lifting capacity (Z-62/40 and S-80 J) and two with Xtra Capacity lifting capacity (S-45 XC, and S-65 XC).

“This new Genie system is the only tracks system in the industry that can be fitted to high-capacity machines,” says Sean Larin, Global Product Director, Booms. “By allowing the XC machines to maintain their dual capacity, the new Genie TraX increases the flexibility of the lifts, because it can be used on jobsites that require both additional lifting capacity and work on sensitive surfaces.”

Four independent tracks ensure smooth break-over on rough terrain. Oscillating axles and the ability to swivel up and down by 22 degrees enable the tracks to grip and climb over obstacles in the most extreme working conditions, he adds.

The redesigned TraX system comes in two sizes: a small frame (for S-45 XC machines) and a large frame (for S-65 XC, Z-62/40, and S-80 J lifts).

Genie TraX ... four independent tracks ensure smooth break-over on rough terrain.

Genie TraX ... four independent tracks ensure smooth break-over on rough terrain.

With 50 per cent fewer serviceable parts than other tracks systems on the market, inspections are streamlined. Aside from the rubber track and the frame, all parts are common between the small and large TraX systems, reducing parts inventory requirements for rental companies.

In addition, tracks can be swapped for tyres (time to swap varies depending on the model), providing greater flexibility in terms of resale options. Additionally, Genie will offer aftermarket upgrade kits to convert 2024 and newer S-65 XC and Z-62/40 boom lift models from wheels to TraX (some restrictions apply). These kits will launch at a future date.

“Customers in telecommunications, oil and gas industries, quarries, tree care, and construction have been using TraX-equipped boom lifts for more than 15 years in all seasons and terrains – from rocky slopes to sand and gravel pits, in snow and ice,” says Larin. “Redesigned TraX-equipped boom lifts have been rigorously tested in these environments and exceeded Genie’s high standard for durability and reliability.”

Genie TraX systems offer an average of 72 per cent less contact pressure compared with standard tyre options. This is due to their broader weight distribution, which can provide more options to operate TraX boom lifts on sensitive, low-weight floors or in muddy terrain without placing mats or cribbing to support the machine’s weight, he adds.

The next-generation Genie TraX System are now available for delivery globally.

Meanwhile, the Genie 4 m platform for boom lifts is available for use on three Genie X (Xtra Capacity) boom lifts in North America and the EMEA region. The platform adds more than 60 per cent additional room in the platform, increasing the versatility of rental companies’ boom lift fleets while boosting jobsite efficiency.

When equipped with a 4-m platform, Genie’s S-45 XC telescopic boom lift with Xtra Capacity can perform a wide range of heavier lift tasks thanks to its dual lift capacity and full rough-terrain capabilities.

The large platform is especially well suited for tasks that involve an extensive working area, such as renovation and painting of buildings and window cleaning and cladding, as well as jobsites with limited space to manoeuvre on the ground. Because the expanded work space allows operators to cover more area, the number of boom movements required to get a job done can be cut in half, significantly boosting jobsite productivity, according to Genie.