Jaumur ... to host 500 marina apartments and 700 luxury villas.

NEOM, the developer of Saudi futuristic city, has unveiled plans for Jaumur – the largest cosmopolitan luxury community set on the coast of Gulf of Aqaba – as the latest addition to its evolving regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia.

An exclusive residential community, Jaumur has been masterplanned around an inspiring marina for more than 6,000 residents.  Embedded into the varied topography of the Gulf of Aqaba coast, it features 500 marina apartments and nearly 700 luxury villas, boasting waterfront access and private mooring.

Two distinctive destination hotels within Jaumur offer 350 luxurious rooms and suites.

Announcing the premium project, the NEOM Board said it is designed to serve the highest standards of future livability and active lifestyle.

The marina serves as the focal point of the development. A monumental 1.5-km aerofoil rises above the largest of the yacht berths, providing year-round protection for yacht owners and a haven for the marina’s residents and guests, it stated.

The aerofoil incorporates a gravity-defying cantilever to form a stunning entrance to the marina, welcoming the world’s largest superyachts. The sculptural structure is a landmark that serves as the perfect base for all the marina attractions.

The marina promenade will be a place alive with entertainment, leisure and cultural experiences, hosting year-round arts events and performance programs, complemented by signature retail stores and world-class dining options, said the statement.

Jaumur’s commitment to innovation and learning is embodied in the development’s state-of-the-art deep-sea research centre and top-tier international boarding school. The research institute is dedicated to deep-sea exploration, welcoming established experts and ambitious pioneers to champion marine discovery, knowledge and conservation and establish Neom as a world-leading hub for oceanographic research.

Meanwhile, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has completed an adit tunnel project for Neom, reported Xinhua.

The project work, which began in October 2021, features six adits with a total length of 9.48 km, deep in the desert of Tabuk region. Its delivery last month signified the end of the first project undertaken by a Chinese enterprise in Neom, stated the report.